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Meet the Doctors

Meet Dr. Jamie Ornburn

Dr. Jamie Ornburn, Burlington Chiropractor

Dr. Jamie Ornburn

I was inspired to be a chiropractor because I knew that I wanted to help others with their well-being, but I never saw myself doing so with drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures.

Becoming a Chiropractor in Burlington

My chiropractic experience began in Chesterfield, Mo., at Logan College of Chiropractic. I chose Logan as it is one of the most respected chiropractic schools in the country and it offers a variety of classes taught by nationally recognized faculty.

I remember my first day of chiropractic school. It seemed like everyone but me had an awe-inspiring story as to why they were there, pursuing their dream to become a chiropractor. For me, before entering chiropractic school, I had not even been a chiropractic patient. What I did know, however, was that I trusted my body to know innately how to heal itself, and that is why I am here doing what I do today.

I still remember when I realized that chiropractic works on a biomechanical and neurological level to improve the overall function of the body. It was exciting for me to know that I was not only going to be able to help people move better, but I was also going to be able to help them feel better. With chiropractic care, I can give my patients the knowledge that they need to live a healthy, pain-free life.

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Living a Wellness Lifestyle

Besides our patients, being a parent inspires our drive to succeed. Being parents has also made us better able to treat both children and pregnant mothers because we have experienced it firsthand. When I was pregnant with my first, I experienced sciatica for the first time, and it helped me to empathize and help other pregnant women with the same or similar condition.

Being a chiropractor is a perfect fit for me because I love leading a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Truly passionate about wellness, our family does all that we can to maintain our health so we can be our best at home and in the office. We incorporate a wide variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables into our diets as well as Standard Process® supplements to help our bodies stay strong. To keep active, I particularly enjoy mountain biking, yoga and strength and endurance training. Our two kids and two dogs keep me on my feet as well!

Taking Control of Your Health

I love the skeptics! Nothing is more satisfying than having someone come into our office who initially really doesn’t want to be there, but doesn’t know what else to try. By the end of their treatment, they are telling all of their friends and family members about chiropractic care and wish that they would have known how to utilize chiropractic care as their first alternative, rather than their last resort.

It’s hard to see patients that have so much potential to feel better, but for whatever reason choose not to. Yet, it keeps me going when I have a patient that is really struggling and has tried just about every treatment and is willing to do whatever it takes to make changes. These are the patients who reap the greatest rewards and that are truly grateful for our services.

If you’d like to learn more about us and how chiropractic care can help, contact us today!

Meet Dr. Aaron Ornburn

Dr. Aaron Ornburn, Burlington Chiropractor

Dr. Aaron Ornburn

My initial involvement with chiropractic care did not come about because I was seeking it, but rather chiropractic sought me.

The Final Puzzle Piece

Since I was not having any symptoms, I never thought to seek chiropractic care. At the time, I was a licensed massage therapist operating my own office. I encountered countless clients who I would repeatedly see for the same problem. I was able to provide them with temporary relief, but I started to feel like that was not enough. Something was missing.

It was right about this time that my brother was finishing up his education at Logan College of Chiropractic. Through talking with my brother, it gave me the resources to understand how to get better and stay better through chiropractic.

Choosing to Learn at Logan

Having had the opportunity to experience Logan Chiropractic College through my brother made the choice clear. Throughout my time at Logan, many great friendships were made and from them memories that I will forever cherish.

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Some challenging times arose while working through the coursework in biochemistry and neuroanatomy, yet one of the most rewarding classes was gross anatomy. Being able to actually see and feel how we function at the most intrinsic level is simply amazing. Witnessing how vital our nervous system is to the overall health of our body was inspiring and set the stage for the rest of my learning at Logan.

Helping Athletes and Others

I am a very driven person and am always thinking of ways to better myself, my practice and to better meet the needs of my patients. To offer more to my athletic patients, I have received my Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® designation. As an athlete myself who enjoys golf, tennis and CrossFit, the CCSP® certification has opened doors for me into the world of sports and professional athletes. I love helping athletes who want to have an advantage over their competitors.

I also like those tough cases — seeing patients who may have gone everywhere else and look to us as their last resort. Through my experience and knowledge, I can help the majority of patients that walk into my office.

I’d love to help you heal, feel better and perform better. Contact us today and let’s set up a time for you to visit.

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